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Retrograde by Sounddrive Retrograde :iconsounddrive:Sounddrive 4 3
Brother My Brother C12: Road to Follow
By the time Wheeljack had made it to the cells, most of the mangled bodies had been scraped off the floor and put into body bags. Their armor and metal would be melted down to make new protoforms. A scarce commodity in a never-ending war.
Wheeljack shook his helm vigorously. He couldn't think of that now.
All that he could think about was the fact that Jetstorm was off-base, in the servos of his twin.
"'Jack," Jazz slowly approached the broken mech. Wheeljack didn't seem to hear him.
"Wheeljack," the ninja-bot replied.
"I should have gone with him," Wheeljack whispered.
"Mech, you couldn't have known-"
"You told me yourself after you interviewed Jetfire. The mech is unpredictable," Wheeljack retorted pointedly. "And judging from what I saw from those bodies-"
"Hey, hey!" Jazz gripped the mech's shoulders. "Wheeljack, you can't think like that, ok? Jetstorm's resourceful."
"Yeah, yeah, but he's only had basic training and a few deca-cycles of field experience!" Wheeljack slapped the oth
:iconsounddrive:Sounddrive 1 6
Differences of Beliefs
Melody gently knocked upon the double doors that led to the jet twin's quarters.
Just earlier they discovered where their origins came from. Cadavers. They were cadavers. The Elite Guard didn't want to use any of their soldiers so they used mechs' offline and dead chassis's to experiment on.
Melody and Jazz were looking for them because the couple had promised to take out the twins to go see a program at a nearby entertainment center. There was some sort of a concert, and Melody's sweet-spark was friends with the backstage hands.
Jetfire and Jetstorm were ecstatic and kept talking Sentinel's audios off, and anyone they were friends with, about it.
A few hours before they had to leave though, the twins received a package. No name or any indication of where it came from. When they opened it, and Melody swore, their expressions were akin to one being given a rotten energon cube.
Melody too learned of their true origins today. It was via the expletives leaving the two young mechs' mouths a
:iconsounddrive:Sounddrive 2 3
Wake Up
A/N: This was supposed to end up a lot happier. I tried, I tried.
Setting: Cybertron, TFP. It's quite more than a few years later.
Warnings: Established Bumblebee/Smokescreen and vice-versa. That means slash and if you don't like, don't read! And flames will be used to help cook s'mores.
Smokescreen silently entered the med-bay. The receptionist looked up. As soon as he did he ducked his helm and waved the door-winged mech through. The former rookie had been there often enough that the staff had learned his name.
He closed his optics, and let his pedes lead him to the ward. His feet were light upon hitting the floor, but his chassis felt heavy.
As he neared the right room, he looked in through window. Smokes noticed an upright shadow. He flinched, the deactivation of his weapons systems barely succeeding. At this ungodly hour the former rookie didn't expect to see a non-patient in the ward he visited. Especial
:iconsounddrive:Sounddrive 7 5
A/N: Argh! I am so sorry this is a few days late :iconFoxAircurrent:. I meant to get this uploaded sooner, but the darn internet just wouldn't let me.
So, without further ado, here's your birthday present! :D
When Star Shy woke up, her optics still hadn't focused. She turned on her side, rubbing her optics.
The space beside her was empty, but she could see her spark-mate looking out the window. The femme could see his back, uncovered, showing his protoform. In fact, he didn't have any of his armor on at all, sans his pelvic armor.
Carefully, she got up; pulling the blanket that was draped over as she got out of the berth. She quietly walked over to his side, looking out at the city just a few cycles of driving.
"It's pretty early," she murmured, looking up at him, "You couldn't sleep?"
He didn't answer right away. The taller mech shuttered his optics a moment, ex-venting.
"You couldn't sleep," Star murmured. She reached up and touched his shoulder. "Ni
:iconsounddrive:Sounddrive 4 12
Brother My Brother C11: Disaccord
A/N: This story is over one year old, I missed the anniversary, and I am so sorry! XC
I hope this update makes up for it.
Thanks to :iconGShepherd17: for helping me with this chapter, which took so long to write. ^^;
Wheeljack looked at his adopted son's visor. It looked to the ground in grim confusion. Given the circumstances the scientist wouldn't blame him.
Eventually, the skinny blue mech looked up at his care giver. "I having brother?" he asked. He was in a whirl of confusion at what Wheeljack told him earlier.
Wheeljack looked upon the bewildered face of his son, and slowly nodded.
"Yeah . . . you are one half of a split-spark protoform."
Jetstorm stared at the mech as he tried to process this new found information. At the same time, he tried his darnedest not overreact.
The youngling wasn't so sure what to think.
"Papa, I don't understand . . . if I being result of the 'split protoform', how long you be of knowi
:iconsounddrive:Sounddrive 3 7
Dinner Date For Three
A/N: The muse wouldn't leave me alone for this. Also, this is something that I wanted to write out with this pair, and to include Star Shy a little more.
It helps writing kids when the age range is about the same as a younger sibling. X3 In part, I dedicate this to my little sister, who was a bit of a model that helped me create Star Shy.
There is a very, very, very small indication of past interfacing, but I don't think it constitutes a 'warning'.
Disclaimer: I did not get paid in any way for this fic.
Transformers belongs to Hasbro.
Star Shy, Freefall and Retrograde belong to me.
Hope belongs to :iconFoxAircurrent:.
Star scurried about the energon room, helping her Sire make dinner. On the menu for the lunar cycle was some small circles of energon pizza, a heaping platter of energon pasta, freshly brewed Cy-Tea for the guest . . . with the
:iconsounddrive:Sounddrive 4 8
A Bite Missed-Request Fic
A/N: Request for :iconRokoshay:.
She wanted her OC, Cometblast, interacting with Thundercracker from the TFA-verse, but slightly AU. She added another request to it, and to not spoil it, just read! :D
I hope you like it! :D
Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers, nor have I made money off this little thing. This is just a request I have written.
Cometblast belongs to :iconRokoshay:.
Thundercracker, and the other 'mystery character', belong to Hasbro.
Cometblast loved coming to Maccadam's after a particularly long solar cycle.
This was one of those solar cycles.
Her professor had been very irrational about the assignment she turned in. They traded heated words. She was lucky he didn't flunk her, which he was known for. Lucky the femme was one of his brightest, so he favored her observations.
But he still detracted her grade by 15%.
She exhaled and waited in line to get into the famous ba
:iconsounddrive:Sounddrive 6 9
Staying-Fic Trade
A/N: This is my half of :iconFoxAircurrent:'s fic trade with me. What she wanted was something with our two OC's, hers being Hope and mine being Retrograde.
This sprung from the fact that where I am, the weather can't seem to decide whether or not it wants to be raining, hailing (which is a surprise. I video taped some of it too, and if you want to see it, I might post it to my hardly used YouTube account ^^;), or to be a happy-sunny day ┐(゚~゚)┌.
Without further ado, here's my half of the fic trade! :D
Disclaimer: I do not own any part of this fiction but the plot itself, Retrograde, Freefall, and Star Shy.
Hope belongs to FoxAircurrent.
And recognizable characters in the Transformers franchise are not mine.
Retrograde tensed when he saw three droplets land in front of him. When they made cont
:iconsounddrive:Sounddrive 4 13
The Emotions and The Doorways by Sounddrive The Emotions and The Doorways :iconsounddrive:Sounddrive 4 6
Making Up For Lost Time C3: Outlook
A/N: This will be the last bit to this three-shot. Considering things, I might expand it into a collection of drabbles/short stories with this universe.
Scratch that, I will.
Please enjoy the last installment of this little three-shot.
There was a reason why the data-letter was so light. It had only one sentence. One measly sentence.
'Give me a comm . . . I want to talk to you as soon as I can.'
Everyday afterwards, Smokescreen waited for his comm. to ring.
He felt utterly pathetic.
It had been a good few vorns since the ex-Elite Guardsmech had last seen Bumblebee. His spark twinged in regret, remembering the reason how and why Bumblebee got so upset.
When Smokescreen went to go and try make amends, he had the door slammed in his face.
He hadn't gone back since.
Smokescreen exhaled. He put his servo to his face.
He lied in his berth. The mech up at the ceiling of his room. His back was supported by a dozen foam pillows. The ma
:iconsounddrive:Sounddrive 7 14
Slowly Getting There
'C'mon, just tell her that you like her,' Jetfire told himself.
It happened right after Prowl's funeral. A majority of Optimus Prime's team was down in the dumps.
Sentinel, begrudgingly seeing it his duty, had assigned a few bots to keep an optic on the homecoming heroes, just in case.
Jetfire was tasked to keep an eye on the little mini-bot the Space Bridge cleaning crew brought back.
But she wasn't a mini-bot.
Sentinel had taken it up with the Council that letting an organic run about Cybertron again was far too dangerous.
Much to Optimus and his team's vehemence about it, Sari was nearly sent back to Earth. The fact that she transformed in front of the High Council changed everything.
Sari Sumdac was a bona fide techno-organic.
Jetfire knew it, because he and his brother were standing right next to her when she transformed.
The twins scrambled away in fear when the human/Cybertronian's face mask slid away, allowing everyone to see her face.
After some more
:iconsounddrive:Sounddrive 6 14
Retrograde by Sounddrive Retrograde :iconsounddrive:Sounddrive 2 12 Star Shy by Sounddrive Star Shy :iconsounddrive:Sounddrive 3 14
Return Chapter 7
As I promised my faith readers, the next bit! :D And I want to thank the everyone that has read this little fic that started on a whim. I'm glad a lot of people took up interest.
I'm especially thankful to Dream'sRealm on , who was encouraging me as I gave her random little progress updates on how this chapter was going.
With further ado, read on! :D
P'len looked down into the small water basin she held in her lap. She sighed and picked up a rough washcloth with her good hand. The Astorian dunked it into the water and scrubbed her face.
After five minutes of that she dumped the water in the sink. She stood up and tucked the basin under her arm.
As she opened the door, she's face to face with the Volkregian Blue Lantern. His hand was poised to knock.
"Oh!" Razer jumped back, bumping into Saint Walker.
They stared at each other, embarrassed.
The awkward silence was broken
:iconsounddrive:Sounddrive 5 2
First Encounter
A/N: Dear :icondiedott: . . .
Oi! I'm sorry it took so darn long to finish this! Forgive me on the shortness of it as well.
Starscream sighed as he waited next to the canisters of energon samples. Primus, how much longer did he have to wait? The Seeker's patience was wearing thin.
He had his own experiments to worry about back in Vos. As the war started to pick up, it started to become apparent that scientists and medics would be needed to conduct procedures and tests. The tests would be administered to turbo-foxes or 'willing' volunteers to see how chemical enhancements would react to their bodies. Another would be how to figure out how to create the next super soldier-
And Starscream could only get back to that if some bot. Would. Just. Hurry. Up.
"Primus, where in the Pit is this Knock Out mech I'm supposed to deliver these to?" Starscream exclaimed. His wings pulled up taut with annoyance. Several bots scrambled away from the scientist as others didn't make
:iconsounddrive:Sounddrive 4 2
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